Matt Watson’s “Ouch!” Gives Listeners A Perfect, Chilled Experience

Matt Watson’s debut EP is a perfect blend of chillness and seriousness that is much needed from new artists.

Matt Watson’s debut EP Ouch! is by far one of the most hyped albums/EPs I have ever seen from a first-time artist. The last time I even saw something similar was when Joji released “In Tongues”. This time, not only did Watson trend #1 the night Ouch! released, but his album garnered tens of thousands of views on YouTube roughly about an hour after releasing.

From Matt Watson’s parody music to his obscure “meme” songs, his music production has been fantastic and he has a clear, imaginative vision for every track he creates. This not only shines through Ouch!, but it shows that his talent transcends boundaries when his passion is at the forefront.

The best tracks by far are “Come Over” and “Margie”, but that is not saying much as every single track on this EP blends together seamlessly and wonderfully. There is nothing I would change about Ouch! besides adding more tracks for a longer experience, but in the meantime I have the repeat button on Spotify that will allow me to listen to Ouch! for hours.

For Matt Watson’s first official musical endeavor, he has not only knocked it out of the park, but surpassed the high expectations many had for this EP. It would be shameful to give Ouch! anything but a perfect score, and I look forward to anything he releases in the future.

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