Why an All-Female Marvel Film is an Excellent Idea

The idea of an all-female Marvel film has been floating around recently, and it would do wonders for female representation within superhero films.

As Burwick explains in his article, an all-female Marvel movie has been pitched by some of the female leads in the MCU, and that it would be a wonderful idea. I wholeheartedly agree with this idea, and I think it would most certainly make a cultural impact much on the likes that Black Panther did for the African-American and black community. Having a female-focused film would create a division between those wanting to see change, and those hoping not to, but it would benefit the female community greatly. This is not the only thing we should do, however. Normalizing women in media is vastly just as important as presenting an all-female movie to viewers (Lindner, 2015).

Normalizing this sort of female presence is important if we want to move forward as a society and stop dividing us between “SJWs” and the right-wing. Having a female Marvel movie is nothing extreme, and that is very important; we should not even have to create such a movie to prove to others that it would be successful and have an impact. Having females in movies should be normalized by now, and it is insane to me that we have yet to move on with our lives when a female character even makes as much as an appearance in a movie. I cannot fathom having this issue in 10–20 years, but I assume this is a reality that I will have to more likely than not have to live in for a while.

As Wiegman points out (whilst also providing interestingly dissenting opinions against some of my other beliefs) males are represented poorly in the media already, and females doubly-so, and there should certainly be measures taken to present females in the way they should — not sexualized and belittled, and rather, we should take steps to normalize positive and accurate representation of females (Weigman). In doing so, we also need to have men understand that women are not presented rightfully, and that cinema is inherently and vastly skewed in its portrayal of anyone in general.

Overall, I believe it would be important to bring women to a new light in terms of superhero films overall, and we need to start taking steps to do so.


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